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Get your hands on a brand new car for just the down payment!
You could be the proud owner of a snazzy new set of wheels in a couple of days from now! has emerged as a No.1 passenger car advertising service provider. We are not only rich in terms of skill but also in terms of valuable experience. We are the first agency to introduce the concept of a new car purchase at just the down payment. We are a medium, designed to build a balance between advertisers and the public: and auto manufacturers and consumers. We have a NO IF's and BUT's offer for our public: take home a brand new four-wheeler at a remarkable price -ONLY the down payment. We are ready to pay YOUR EMI for their adverts on your family car.
Your car frequents the local schools and supermarkets. Imagine wherever one looks, the particular branding of your car will stand out and have a lasting impression on everyone's mind and soul. Companies realise the value of corporate awareness as being the most important aspect of their business. To ensure that their brand or logo is constantly being viewed or noticed these companies go to extraordinary lengths, and one of the most cost effective medium is considered to be mobile advertising.

This is where you could come in. In simple terms where your car goes their brand goes.

As you're probably wondering what's written in fine print, we'll write it out for you. Your brand new vehicle is used as a base for vinyl-based advertisements. The moment we finish paying off the EMI after 3 years, the graphics are removed from your vehicle. Besides offering you a brand new car for such a small sum, we are also giving you the opportunity to help start a revolution; to transform the way of advertising mantras work and refurbish society, one method at a time.


Akshay Kumar's Holiday Movie car Advertisement in New Delhi India Akshay Kumar's Holiday Movie car Advertisement in New Delhi India
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EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Your New Car the Next Frontier for The Mobile Revolution? EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. intent to acquire and offer passenger car exteriors to advertisers. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Someone who has purchased a car fully even can earn through this concept. This way the car, traditionally a depreciating asset, turns into a performing asset.           EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. This medium also allows consumers to be interactive with new and established companies and products like never before. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. It's a way for consumers to actually "get back" something from the advertising of the companies out there. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Among advertisers, has received positive response.