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Advertising – Is it worth your while? Whatever you do, regardless of how successful you may be, everyone would agree that advertising is vital in one form or another.

How do you advertise at the moment?

Most mediums can be very costly and have a limited period of impact.

Advertising is vital for any business. The value of corporate awareness is considered as one of the most important aspects of business. To ensure that your company or logo is constantly being viewed or noticed, did you know that the most cost effective medium is considered to be mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising refers to placing of adverts on any form of transportation including planes, taxis, vans and cars.

Imagine your logo being viewed by countless potential customers constantly. These same cars frequent the local schools and supermarkets, local roads and motorways, and regrettably get stuck in traffic jams. They are seen by millions each year. Exposure is constant and cannot be turned off or ignored. Does your current form of advertising do that for you? This is direct marketing at its best!

What we provide:

Contact Person : Aditi

Contact No.: 09643152459

Contact Us:- aims to provide its clients with a complete vehicle advertising solution.
We aim to offer varying packages to suit all budgets.

If you have any specific requirements then please contact us and we shall be happy to tailor a solution to fulfil your exact needs. Ads Advantages Ads keeps your product or service in the public eye by creating a sense of awareness. We strive to deliver advertising in a targeted and cost effective manner that is more successful than most other forms of advertising.

1. Super Impact

Cut through the media clutter of common over crowded advertising mediums competing for the same space and make way for Ads vehicle advertising. Our adverts have immediate impact and are not restricted to one fixed point, location or time offering the kind of brand placement advertisers can only dream about. People love to look at compelling out of the ordinary executions and these visually creative works are frequent conversation starters.

2. Around The Clock Exposure

Unlike television and radio, Ads vehicles cannot be switched off. On roads and motorways the increased traffic congestion is leading to people spending more time in their cars. Off the road when parked in natural aggregation in places such as shopping centres, universities and office car parks, Ads vehicles are still able to reach a substantial audience and offer high impression values.

3. Super High Visibility

Unlike billboards and other traditional modes of media, Ads vehicles can be viewed from any angle required. Few other mediums can claim to offer 360° exposure.

4. Super Targeting

Campaigns can be greatly customised, for example personal trainers can have there adverts targeted to a specific area or class. We maintain ongoing communication with the car owners to ensure campaigns are being conducted. Ads gives advertisers the opportunity to directly "hit" and target specific retail zones or entire markets.

5. Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Sports fanatics, football mums/dads, travelling business people, daily commuters, university students, entertainers, fitness gurus; who better to persuade than one of their own peers?

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6. Super Low Cost

The Ads vehicle sponsorship service is considerably more cost effective than many other outdoor advertising media such as taxi and bus advertising.


If all that wasn’t enough then remember these key features:
Medium Example cost Duration Cost per 1000 impression Exposure
Radio 20,0000 INR 5 x 30 sec slots 1097.67 165,060
Mail 20,0000 INR 1 day 1759.35 40,000
Newspaper 20,0000 INR 1 day 446.3 405,000
EMI Free Car Ads 20,0000 INR Year 36.22 3.6 million

If you have any specific requirements then please contact us and we shall be happy to tailor a solution to fulfil your exact needs.

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EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Your New Car the Next Frontier for The Mobile Revolution? EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. intent to acquire and offer passenger car exteriors to advertisers. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Someone who has purchased a car fully even can earn through this concept. This way the car, traditionally a depreciating asset, turns into a performing asset.           EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. This medium also allows consumers to be interactive with new and established companies and products like never before. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. It's a way for consumers to actually "get back" something from the advertising of the companies out there. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Among advertisers, has received positive response.